In 2016, the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania launched the Africa track focusing on the culture, history, politics and economics of the continent. The Africa Program joins Lauder’s five other regional Programs of Concentration – East & Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Global program – and is distinguished in that it is the first top tier graduate management program with a focus on Africa. At Lauder, students earn a Master of Arts in International Studies in tandem with the Wharton MBA, taking two years total to complete both degrees.

“This program, concentrating exclusively on the unique economic, social, health and environmental conditions in Africa, is incredibly timely,” says Mauro Guillén, Director of the Lauder Institute. “By 2050, Africa is likely to have 25 percent of the world’s population and by the end of the century it is likely to have 35 percent of the world’s population. We’re delighted to offer our students the opportunity to make a difference there.”

Applicants to the Africa Program should have a working knowledge of any language spoken in West, East and Southern Africa. Read more on the Lauder website at and take a look our profile of Lauder student completing Lauder’s Africa program to learn more about the Wharton/Lauder experience.

For those interested in finding out more about the Africa program at the Lauder Institute, please contact Kara Keenan Sweeney, Director of Admissions Marketing and Communications, at